I Don't Want to Be...

Yesterday I started thinking about my goals and where I'd like to be in the not too distant future. I was pondering how I wanted to be when I come out on the other side. I started to mentally make some lists of what/who I do and do not want to be.

I don't want to be...

...a big shot Hollywood trainer.
...an exercise DVD guru.
...stick thin.
...a fitness model.
...an object of envy.
...financially rich.

I do want to be...

...an inspiration.
...a source of comfort.
...one who teaches.
...one who practices what she preaches.
...personally successful.

Stepping into the health and fitness field feels like I've finally emerged from my cocoon. It's where I was meant to be. It's natural for me. Did I always think this is where I wanted to be? Absolutely not! But I did know I wanted to work in a field that would enable me to help people one on one. I never quite knew how or how to even go about figuring it out. I trusted that in time it would come to me and finally it has.

I feel very reflective this morning. More answers have been revealed to me. I can now make sense of certain situations and the lessons they afforded me. I can now see how I got to this place. I am grateful for each and every bit of it.

I really want to help people realize their full potential as well. I want to show them that perseverance may be painful at times but it is rewarding.

We are all capable of wonderful things. We just need to believe in ourselves.

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