Chasing a Feeling.

Like Alice wandering down the rabbit hole, I feel as though I'm compelled to chase this unknown.

I have this deeply intense feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like a caged animal trying desperately to break free. Only I can't pinpoint what it is.

It's simply a feeling.

I know better things are on the horizon. I am so very ready to chase them down. One by one. Catching them like beautiful butterflies in my net.

Yet I'm hesitant.

For some time I've practiced turning inward in order to seek out an answer. I write, meditate, run, or sit silently weighing all of my options. But right now I'm seeking validation. My instinct is screaming at me to make a decision. A simple decision. After all most decisions in life really are simple yet we complicate them. So why do I need the world's opinion about this?

If our instincts won't lead us astray, why can't I do what I feel I should do? What is best for me in this situation?

I wholeheartedly believe this. I'm certainly not scared. I don't fear what comes next. I know it will work out in the right way.

While this isn't sinking me it isn't serving me either. It isn't doing much of anything to propel me forward. I've exhausted all positive angles, learned all I'm going to learn from this. I see the value in this experience. I believe everything - big or small - is meant to teach us something. Nothing is insignificant. 

But I think the well has run dry.
And I think it's time to find a new well.

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