29 Things To Do Before 30

I've seen several bloggers in the past make up a To-Do list each year on their birthday. A countdown list until the next notch is reached. Back in January I turned 29, inching one giant step closer to 30. Last year was a rough one. It was a huge learning experience and I wanted to start this new age with some positivity and focus. So, here's my "29 Things to Do Before 30" list:

* Find a new job
* Run three 5K races

* Say “I Love You” more

* Meditate at least three times a week 

* Visit family more frequently 

* Find another freelance writing gig 

* De-clutter bedroom; donate clothes 

* Take a yoga class

* Schedule a Reiki session

* Cook one new meal a month

* Read 20 books & read more poetry

* Visit New Orleans again

* Consistently run a mile in under 10 minutes

* Write Morning Pages (750words.com)

* Try a new hobby

* Eat whole foods (nothing processed) for 30 days

* Make a new friend

* Cook dinner three times a week

* Create a recipe box

* Explore new places

* Be able to do 10 unassisted pull-ups

* Dance around more (& in my underwear!)

* Learn new makeup techniques

* Volunteer
* Get tattooed 

* Be more spontaneous 

* Eat raw for 7 days 

* Increase savings account
I realize it's April 1st and only one thing is scratched off, however, there are several I am actively working on (becoming a trainer, reading more, being spontaneous, decluttering..). It feels great to be present and accomplish little goals along the way. This year is off to the best start.

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